Ride Like A Girl

Ride Like A Girl

Teresa has announced she is set to star in a new movie “Ride Like A Girl” alongside Sam Neill & Jacki Weaver. Ride Like A Girl is about Michelle Payne – the first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup. She was told she could never be a world-class jockey. She was not tough enough. She was not a man. Teresa is currently living in Cardiff, Wales while she is filming her new TV show “A Discovery of Witches” & she will be returning to her homeland of Australia to film the movie. You can read more about Teresa’s new movie here:


AUSSIE actor Teresa Palmer will bring the inspirational story of Michelle Payne to life in the movie about the champion jockey.

Palmer will return to Australia from her new home in the UK to take the lead role of the first woman to win the race which stops the nation in Ride Like A Girl.

It will be an all-star cast with Sam Neill to play Payne’s father Paddy while Jacki Weaver will take on Payne’s manager Joan Sadler.

Never one to be shy with her opinions, Palmer took to social media this morning with a passionate post revealing her place in the movie.

“Michelle was always warned she could never be a world-class jockey. She was not tough enough. She was not a man. Then she won the 2015 Melbourne Cup, one of the most prestigious horse races in the world,” Palmer said.

“Thrilled that I’ll be playing Michelle Payne in Ride Like A Girl directed by Rachel Griffiths. Starring alongside the amazing Aussie talents of Sam Neill & Jacki Weaver.”

“Couldn’t be happier with the choice in you @teresapalmer; I loved the script, very excited for the times ahead,” Payne wrote on her social media.