Berlin Syndrome Digital Press Kit & Interview

Berlin Syndrome Digital Press Kit & Interview

I managed to get my hands on the German digital press kit for Berlin Syndrome so I have been able to update the gallery with 10 UHQ Production stills. These are either new pictures or upgrades of some of the MQ photo’s in the gallery. The German press release that came with this kit had an interview with Teresa. Thankfully the interview was in English & you can read the interview if you expand this post.


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What is this story about for you?
It’s an exploration into the dynamic between two individuals. It delves into themes of love, lust, control, sexuality, loneliness, personal suffering and growth.

What was it about this story that you were drawn to?
I loved the character of Clare and getting to explore her imperfections, her darkness and then her ultimate discovery of self. I hadn’t played such an introverted and internal character before so it was a tremendous challenge for me. Above all, Cate Shortland was the biggest draw card. I’ve been a long-time fan of hers ever since I saw Somersault, I’ve been dying to work with her for years.

How did you prepare for the role of Clare?
I prepped mostly with Cate and Max in the rehearsal room. We really took apart the scenes and injected our own interpretations and discoveries of these characters and rewrote the scenes together. We found some really daring and intense parts of these characters and once we felt as though we had journeyed through all facets of them we knew we were ready to get to work and play.

How was it working with Cate Shortland?
She has been my favourite director to work with thus far. She really knows how to highlight authenticity, it’s what she is interested in and celebrates. I loved how excited she would be by actions that we would take which would generally be subconscious, like the picking of our nails, the tucking of our hair, how we moved our feet etc. she wanted to capture these moments as important character pieces. I’ve never worked with a director who still seems to see the world through the lens of someone discovering it for the first time.

What was it like working with co-star Max Riemelt?
Max was incredible to work with. We had to really trust each other and we had to become really enmeshed during this process. I feel he created a safe space for me to explore all sides of Clare, he was such a generous actor and he was truly chilling and complex in his portrayal of Andi.

What was your favourite scene to shoot?
My favourite scene to shoot was the Christmas scene. I play the accordion, we discuss our relationship; as Clare tries desperately to find some humanity and connection with Andi. Connection is her salvation so it’s a really delicate scene, she can’t push too hard but she also needs to be bolder than before as she feels her time is limited. I really enjoyed playing around with it.

Which scene was the biggest challenge for you and why?
The biggest challenge was probably finding the right balance of emotion, yet control during the scene when Andi comes home once I’ve realized he has decided to keep me captive. I had to ensure that all the right emotional beats were being hit yet Clare still has hope of escaping and is in survival mode so I had to weave that in there too.
What was it like transitioning between locations, Berlin and the studio in Melbourne?
It was great! It was nice breaking up the exterior and interior shoots. Berlin was very much about our meeting and that’s where we started the shoot so it was organic to have Max and I getting to know each other during that period, it worked for the filming experience. By the time we got to Melbourne we knew each other really well and could delve in to the more intimate scenes in the movie.