I have added 2 HQ sets of recent candids to the gallery. The first set is of Tez from the 10th February out with her Mum & Sons at Cafe Stella. The second set is from earlier today (25th February) with Teresa, her husband Mark & Sons in Hollywood. Tez & her family have just returned to Los Angeles after a brief trip back home to Australia to celebrate Son Bodhi’s 3rd birthday. Tez is back for the Academy Awards tomorrow night (26th February).


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The Gallery has been updated with 356 HQ/MQ candids of Teresa from 2012.


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As you know Teresa had a supporting role in the movie Hacksaw Ridge as Dorothy Schutte. Sunday 26th February the 89th Academy Awards are being held & Hacksaw Ridge has 6 nominations including: Best Picture, Best Actor (Andrew Garfield as Desmond Doss) & Best Director (Mel Gibson).

Teresa has confirmed she will be appearing at the 2017 Oscars on her Postpartum Week 9 blog on her site Your Zen Mama saying she has had no Mama time in the past week for a few reasons which included ‘last minute Oscars dress fittings’.

Looking forward to seeing Teresa there & a win for Best Picture for Hacksaw Ridge although it will probably be Blah Blah Land that gets that.

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As today is Valentine’s Day I have updated the gallery with 24 beautiful photo’s of Teresa & Mark Webber’s Wedding on December 21, 2013 in Punta Mita, Mexico. The wedding ceremony was borrowed from Christian, Buddhist, Hindu and Native American traditions. Teresa looked stunning in a custom Pallas Couture lace gown & Mark looked very handsome in a Perry Ellis Suit.


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The gallery has been updated with 47 HQ/MQ Candids of Teresa from 2008 & 2011 which makes the candids category for those 2 years complete. I have around 3000 candids from 2012-2016 that I need to sort so I will be adding those over the next week.


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