Teresa & the cast have now completed filming Season One of A Discovery Of Witches. Next up for Tez is Ride Like A Girl which will probably be filmed in Australia but there has been no recent news as to what is happening about this apart from what Teresa said in her recent interview with Stellar magazine:

You’ve signed on to play Michelle Payne, the first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup. How good are you at riding horses?

I’m not bad, actually. I am obviously not at the level Michelle is at, of course. I know for insurance reasons they don’t usually let you gallop. We’ll be using a double. I was going to suggest to [director] Rachel Griffiths that we have Michelle as my double and to do the horse stuff. I’m really looking forward to meeting Michelle — we’ve spoken but haven’t actually met yet.

For now I have updated the gallery with more set pictures from A Discovery Of Witches & I have added photos from Your Zen Mama and from Teresa’s & Mark Webber’s Instagram accounts

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A Discovery Of Witches is featured on SkyOnes’s “Original Production” coming soon video clip. I have uploaded the clip to the site for you to check out.

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HQ photos of Teresa’s appearances from 2009 have been added to the gallery. I have also added on the set photos from A discovery of Witches.

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Sky One & Bad Wolf productions have given us our first look of Teresa’s new television show ‘A Discovery Of Witches’ on Wednesday 22nd November with the first Official photos from the series & a short 20 second ‘sneak peek’ video clip. Until now all we have seen is on set photos from social media. A Discovery of Witches will air on Sky One in 2018. I have updated the gallery with 4 HQ promotional as well as HD screen captures from the video clip.

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