I have updated the gallery with a photoshoot Teresa did back in 2006 for Village Roadshow to promote her very first movie 2:37. There are pretty much photoshoots & portraits now that need to be sorted & added to the gallery to make it completely up to date.

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Teresa’s appearances & premieres from 2016 have been added to the gallery. This is the last set of photos to be added so the appearance section is now completely up to date. There are 5,305 HQ photos in all from 2016. Teresa had movies ‘The Choice’, ‘Knight of Cups’, ‘Triple 9’, ‘Lights Out’, ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ & a short film ‘Too Legit’ released in 2016.

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Teresa’s appearances & premieres from 2012 have been added to the gallery. There are 1,492 HQ photos in all from this year. Teresa had the movie ‘Wish You Were Here’ released in 2012 & it had Premieres at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival & in Sydney & Los Angeles. Trivia: It was also in 2012 she first had contact with future husband Mark Webber.

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I have updated the 2:22 movie gallery with 3 alternate HQ posters. I have also added 35 HQ/MQ stills to the the Berlin Syndrome gallery – These are either new photos or upgrades of smaller photos already in the gallery. Update 23rd September: DVD/Blu-ray covers have been added for Berlin Syndrome as well as a photo from behind the scenes.

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Teresa has announced she is set to star in a new movie “Ride Like A Girl” alongside Sam Neill & Jacki Weaver. Ride Like A Girl is about Michelle Payne – the first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup. She was told she could never be a world-class jockey. She was not tough enough. She was not a man. Teresa is currently living in Cardiff, Wales while she is filming her new TV show “A Discovery of Witches” & she will be returning to her homeland of Australia to film the movie. You can read more about Teresa’s new movie here:

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I have added 2,170 Full HD “Message From The King” screen captures to the gallery.

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