Berlin Syndrome is now in selected theaters in the United States. It is also available in HD to buy or rent in the United States though iTunes & Amazon Video. I have updated Teresa Palmer Network’s gallery with 5,912 HD screen captures from the movie – Note: These will contain spoilers if you have not seen the movie already. I have also added 5 new UHQ posters & 9 UHQ/MQ production stills to the gallery so go check them out.

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Teresa’s movie 2:22 has been given a release date. It will be released in select theaters & on iTunes Friday 30th June. This is the last of Teresa’s movies to be released & she has no upcoming projects after this.

The first Official trailer for 2:22 has also been released & can be found in our Video Archive as well as HD screen captures from the trailer & the poster in the gallery.

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Movies > (2017) 2:22 > Official Trailer
Movies > (2017) 2:22 > Posters
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I have added scans of Teresa from the Australian Vogue to the galley. I have also updated the photoshoot with 10 new pictures & upgrades. Tez did a short film called “The Interview” for Vogue Australia & I have added HD Screen Captures from that clip.


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I have added 2 UHQ production stills for Message from the King to the gallery. One is new & the other is an upgrade of one already in the gallery. I have also replaced the teaser trailer captures with new ones from a better quality video source.

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Another of Teresa’s movies has been given a May release date. Yesterday the Official trailer for Berlin Syndrome came out & with it a May 26th release date in the US.  I have added HD captures from the trailer to the gallery as well as HD captures from interviews Tez did for the movie at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival.


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