Teresa was seen out for lunch in Silverlake with her Mom & Sons on Thursday (8th March) & I have added 33 HQ candids to the gallery from this outing.

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Candids > 2018 > Out For Lunch In Silverlake
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Teresa was seen out running errands with Forest in Los Angeles on Wednesday(28th February) & then she was seen again in Los Angeles with her family on Thursday. I have updated the gallery with HQ candids from both days.

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Candids > 2018 > Running Errands In Los Angeles
Candids > 2018 > Out & About In Los Angeles
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Now Teresa is back in LA we have had the first public sighting of her for 2018. Teresa took Forest to an “Animals & Me Class” on Friday(23rd February) & I have added 15 HQ candids of Tez from this outing to the gallery. Also I did some research on Teresa’s next project ‘Ride Like a Girl’ & found a little bit of information – on 24th January 2018 The Weekly Times reported auditions were being held for the role of the young ‘Michelle Payne’. And back on 7th November 2017 103.1 Power FM reported that the majority of filming is due to start late March. Watch this space as Teresa Palmer Network will bring you the latest news as we get it.

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Candids > 2018 > Taking Forest To The Animals & Me Class
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Teresa’s appearances & premieres from 2015 have been added to the gallery. There are 3,720 HQ photos in all from this year. Teresa had the movie ‘Point Break’ released in 2015.

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Appearances > 2015
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I have updated the gallery with various HQ candids of Tez from albums already in the gallery. They are either new photos or upgrades of smaller photos already there. This update makes the candids section completely up to date.

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Candids > 2008 > Filming Bedtime Stories
Candids > 2008 > Out & About In West London
Candids > 2011 > Out & About In New York
Candids > 2012 > At A Memorial Day Party
Candids > 2012 > Running Errands In Los Angeles
Candids > 2012 > Spending day with her Mum in Los Angeles
Candids > 2013 > Leaving A Gym In Los Angeles
Candids > 2013 > Leaving The Berlin Wellness Group
Candids > 2014 > Leaving A Pilates Class
Candids > 2014 > Leaving LAX
Candids > 2015 > Out For Lunch In Studio City
Candids > 2016 > At Huffington Post Live
Candids > 2016 > Running Errands In Hollywood
Candids > 2017 > Leaving Cafe Gratitude
Candids > 2017 > Picking Bodhi Up From School
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