The gallery is now completely up to date with Teresa’s appearances for 2017 so far. I have added 699 HQ photos to the gallery from various appearances. They are either HQ upgrades of MQ photos already in the gallery or new photos.


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I have added miscellaneous photos to the gallery from social media, magazines, blogs & photoshoots. I have added photos from Teresa & Mark’s Instagram, Artistry Twitter & Instagram, Your Zen Mama, magazines from 2011 & 2016 & some unsorted magazines & photoshoot.


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Social Media & Other > Artistry Twitter & Instagram
Social Media & Other > Instagram
Social Media & Other > Your Zen Mama
Photoshoots & Portraits > Other > Unsorted
Magazines > 2011 > Shop Til You Drop: January 2011
Magazines > 2016 > LA Confidential: Spring 2016
Magazines > 2016 > GQ Magazine: June 2016
Magazines > Miscellaneous > Unsorted
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Artistry has released their Spring/Summer 2017 Color Collection called ‘Modern Icon’. I have updated the gallery with the print campaign & photoshoot. I have also added some new pictures for 2017 & some older ones.


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Advertising Campaigns > Artistry > Color Collections > Spring 2017: Modern Icon
Advertising Campaigns > Artistry > Miscellaneous > 2017 New Zealand Artistry Catalogue
Advertising Campaigns > Artistry > Miscellaneous > 2013 New Zealand Artistry Catalogue
Advertising Campaigns > Artistry > Miscellaneous > Brochures/Manuals/Pamphlets
Photoshoots & Portraits > Advertising Campaigns > Artistry Cosmetics & Skincare
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While looking for news from 2006 for the press archive I stumbled across a copy of Teresa’s very first movie 2:37 so I have been able to update the gallery with 2,095 DVD sized screen captures from the movie. I have also added some more posters & DVD cover art to the gallery as well.


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Movies > (2006) 2:37 > Posters & DVD Art
Movies > (2006) 2:37 > Screen Captures
Movies > (2006) 2:37 > Production Stills
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I managed to get my hands on the German digital press kit for Berlin Syndrome so I have been able to update the gallery with 10 UHQ Production stills. These are either new pictures or upgrades of some of the MQ photo’s in the gallery. The German press release that came with this kit had an interview with Teresa. Thankfully the interview was in English & you can read the interview if you expand this post.


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Movies > (2017) Berlin Syndrome > German Press Release
Movies > (2017) Berlin Syndrome > Production Stills

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