The Boston Herald: February 2016

Acting proves right ‘Choice’ for Teresa Palmer

The Boston Herald   |   Written by Stephen Schaefer

Teresa Palmer, star of “The Choice,” found the title hit close to home.

“Truly, life is a series of choices every day,” she said while in Boston on a promotion tour. “Some are small and some are monumental.”

Ten years ago the Adelaide, Australia, native was at a university, set to teach — and then she considered acting.

“I had to make a huge decision between those two things: This stable life or this wild life as an actor where there’s no security. I’m so glad I chose acting.”

Palmer plays Gabby Holland in the film adaptation of the 2007 Nicholas Sparks novel.

“Gabby is a dreamer. She’s feisty, with a big heart,” the 29-year-old actress said. “We meet when she has these ideas of what her life is going to look like.

“I’d say she’s a shell that’s going through life by the numbers, and she meets this guy” — a vet named Travis, played by Benjamin Walker — “and realizes she isn’t following her intuitive desires and changes her life for the best.”

Now one of the busiest actresses from Down Under, Palmer made five films last year, including another February release, the actionpacked “Triple 9,” playing Casey Affleck’s wife.

Her biggest coup may be “Hacksaw Ridge,” which marks Mel Gibson’s return to directing with the true story of Desmond Doss, WWII’s only conscientious objector awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor.

“It was exciting to be Desmond’s real life love and to work with Mel Gibson. I’m pinching myself. It still feels surreal.”

It wasn’t shared Aussie roots that won her the role, but Gibson’s extraordinary patience.

“It was crazy! I was on a list of girls he was to see but my Skype meeting was never confirmed.

“Then I got a phone call: ‘Mel’s been waiting for you for 30 minutes.’ I was at my husband’s surprise 35th birthday party and by the time I got on with Mel he’d been waiting an hour.

“I was so flustered and unprepared and I don’t know if there was something about that, but he really liked me. I laugh now — I was in such a tizzy, I almost burst into tears, and my device weren’t charged and kept going off — three times!

“But he said, ‘ You know what? I like you, you’re real.’”