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5 Minutes With Teresa Palmer

The Base Blog   |   Written by Lara Bingle

What is your favourite work out?

Xtend Barre! I love how strong I feel after a class, it really targets the smaller muscles and strengthens and elongates the limbs. It’s a mixture of Pilates, ballet and dance. Right now it’s perfect during this pregnancy as it doesn’t spike my heart rate rapidly.

Can you tell us your four essential beauty products?
I love Artistry’s Exact Fit long wearing foundation for press days and meetings as it never wears off and looks really natural and subtle whilst smoothing problem areas. I’m loving Aloe Vera cold pressed gel for my face in the morning. It was a random discovery but it’s been such a nice compliment to my beauty regime and my skin loves it. Coconut oil for blemishes and as my son calls it “boo boos”, I can use coconut oil all over my body too for a healthy and hydrated feel. It also boosts the health of my hair so I’ll wrap my hair in plastic wrap with coconut oil every second week for a pick me up. Artistry’s Creme LX moisturizer at night time before bed. It’s my luxurious purchase but it’s so worth it. I gift it to friends for xmas presents as it’s the best moisturizer I’ve ever used. My skin always feel so soft and luminous after using it.

What are you reading at the moment?
The Dry by Jane Harper. It’s an Aussie story set in a small country town about a dark secret and a really disturbing murder that’s taken place. There are twists and turns and it’s such a compelling read.  What do you think every woman should have in her wardrobe Skinny black jeans and a white button up shirt. My favorite is a really billowy Alexander Wang one paired with my black skinny maternity jeans!

Tell me something nobody knows about you?
I had a serious romantic crush on Michael Jackson from about age 6-13, I would write him love letters and cry whenever I saw him in film clips because I wanted him to be my boyfriend. He never wrote back to my letters and I was quite heartbroken for awhile, but then I saw Romeo + Juliet and I moved on to Leo like the rest of the world at that time.

What are the beauty essentials you think every woman should own?
A great tinted moisturizer, a wonderful bronzer, a natural lip balm and a fantastic natural conditioner that actually leaves your hair soft and shiny like the chemical laden ones do (believe me this takes trial and error to find a healthy one that does this!!)

What has been your most memorable holiday to date?
My wedding in Mexico in 2013 was a sensational trip for us. All my closest buds and family flew to Mexico and we spent an amazing week and half together all staying at the same place, swimming in the ocean, having bonfires and night time jam sessions on the beach. Seeing everyone having such an amazing time made it all the more special.

What do you do each day that’s just for you?
I have a bath with lavender bath salts. It’s truly my only downtime since having my son Bodhi. I’m with him from the moment we wake up until he goes to sleep, we don’t have a nanny so there is limited me-time. He starts preschool in the next coming months and I’m actually not sure what I’m going to do with myself!

Who or what makes you glow with inspiration?
Women who are using their profiles to affect positive change in the world. If all of us with a profile dedicated some of our work to raising awareness to important causes then together as a unit we would be very powerful and could really make a significant change in the world, as with a platform our voices are so loud. Examples of these women are; Christy Turlington with Every Mother Counts, Amanda De Cadenet of The Conversation and Angelina Jolie and the work she does with the UN.

What are your rules to live by?
Meet every situation firstly with love and compassion so that I’m not sitting in a reactionary state. I try and live as consciously and mindfully as possible whilst still having a sense of adventure and being as authentically me as possible.

What work are you most proud of?
Aside from parenting, I would say the work I do with Your Zen Life and Your Zen Mama. I’ve tried to be as open and vulnerable as possible and strip away any false sense of reality that the industry I’m in lays out about me and my peers. We’ve tried to create a community where all of us can learn, inspire, educate, support and connect with other likeminded people wanting to live our best lives. I’m so moved by the community we have created and the positive feedback we have received. It’s such an encouraging and accepting place and I’m so happy to celebrate what connects us rather than what separates us.

What is your favourite city for beauty treatments?
I loved Istanbul! It was magical to have the Turkish bath treatments at our hotel. They were unlike anything we’ve experienced. Mark, my husband and I got to do them