Marie Claire: February 2016

Actress Teresa Palmer Camping Essentials

Marie Claire   |   Written by Marnie Hanel

‘The Choice’ Star Teresa Palmer Has a Particularly Interesting Way of Going off the Grid
Weekend plans anyone?

Teresa Palmer is crazy-busy (see her in this month’s The Choice and Triple 9). To relax, the 29-year-old actress goes off-grid.

From a land down under

I’m from Adelaide, South Australia. Being an outback Aussie gal, I grew up on farms, sleeping under the stars.

Pack provisions

The Australian thing is to get a little portable barbecue and chuck a steak on it. S’mores were new to me!

Best coast

Camping in Big Sur, California— it’s a very spiritual, magical place. Whenever I start driving that way, there’s something about the energy in the air that really recharges my battery.

Animal farm

I love Kangaroo Island in South Australia. You’re amid wilderness; the animals are hopping around you. You feel immersed in nature.

Route 66

I want to do a road trip across America!

Glamping vs camping

My version of glamping is: I bring organic snacks along. I don’t go wild and crazy and kill my own animals and cook the meat.

Data plan

I keep my phone on airplane mode as much as possible. There’s something so beautifully simple about being outdoors like that.